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The Etnia Barcelona Foundation was born with the goal to facilitate access to visual health for people at risk and exclusion. Helping people in need it has always been the reason that has led us to act and participate in initiatives around the world. The invasion of Ukraine is an act of aggression and a human rights catastrophe, and we cannot look the other way.

It is now vital to help those families fleeing their homes, which is why we must support Ukrainian non-profits and charities conduct relief efforts. We have made a donation to the NGO World Central Kitchen, which is providing food to all those affected by the Ukrainian conflict. We have been able to make it thanks to the amazing Etnia Barcelona family, who have raised 5.000€ buying the #WeAreAgainstAllKindsOfViolence solidarity sweatshirts. The sweatshirts were designed with love by the Etnia creative team and the Etnia people bought them with kindness to help the people in Ukraine.


What is WCK project about? The NGO serves freshly made meals to people affected by the conflict.

How many? About 300,000 meals a day.

Where? Across Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova and Hungary and surrounding regions to bomb shelters, hospitals, churches, seniors, and people trapped on the front lines.

When? NOW.

If you want to help, you can can also make your donation through our bio link


Thanks for your support,

Etnia Barcelona Foundation team.