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2º year of the universal and ocular health project in Senegal


Once again, our visual health programme travelled to the rural zone of Dialokoto, to support and enhance the Universal Health Project under way there.
We carried out 650 eye tests at 5 primary schools, seeing children aged between 6 and 12 years of age, as well as the patients we had seen the previous year.
Overall, we found the results highly positive, particularly amongst the schoolchildren. We found few cases requiring prescription glasses and no case of serious disease. We found a total of 58 children in need of prescription glasses.

For the next expedition, in 2018, we are considering carrying out eye tests at secondary schools to see if the situation is as positive amongst teenagers as amongst primary schoolchildren, since we did find a far greater need for corrective measures amongst the adults seen.

The Visual Health Programme falls under the general umbrella of the Universal Health Project started by Asociación de Cooperación Fallou ONGD for the Rural Community of Dialokoto. The aim of the Project is to set up a local Health Cooperative, financed by a Local Contribution System, to offer the local community a small scale Universal Healthcare System which will guarantee access to an efficient, top quality “Primary Care Centre” for the whole population.

Participants: Viladecans Town Hall, which financed the expedition, the NGO FALLOU, ESSILOR-SIVO-SENEGAL,which donated all the prescription lenses needed.