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Guinea Bissau- Ignoré

For the first time we travelled to Guinea Bissau, to the town of Ingoré, to be precise, for a campaign of eye testing at the local schools. Our aim was to assess the visual needs of the country.
Associació Mirades led the project in coordination with the District Sub-delegation for Regional Education, it was agreed that the work should be carried out at the two main state schools of the town.

There are several conclusions to be drawn from the work done. The state of the visual health of the children at the local schools if very good given that we found very few cases with visual deficits or more serious conditions. We found a total of 31 cases in need of prescription glasses, after testing the eyesight of 1,000 children.

However, and as one would expect, adults over the age of 35 present a higher need for visual aids. In all, it was a highly positive experience as we checked the eyesight of almost 1,000 children who had never had their eyes tested before.

We appreciate the collaboration and donation of the Westpack cases made exclusively for the foundation.